Thanks Mario. Will definitely watch Traba with great interest.

However, at this stage I felt your piece was heavy on the culture and light on the business model whereas they are normally the other way round. I appreciate the culture at this point is the "interesting" area we can look at so its understandable.

Looking forward to more on the business side as this company grows.

It would be great to see what other models the other staffing companies take and how well they execute as I don't disagree that this market is huge.

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Definitely worth watching! Traba's culture is its most interesting facet right now and their business model is more down the line. That's not a bad thing, of course (I actually think it's a strength in this case because the market is so large and customers are educated on this model).

All to say, I'm excited to see how their story plays out too, and thanks for reading!

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